SnakeSeal is a flexible, ready to use, fast drying waterproofing and vapour barrier membrane. SnakeSeal is a mold and insect resistant elastomeric membrane that can be used on a variety of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial surfaces.

SnakeSeal is easily applied with an airless pump to quickly cover large areas in one pass.

SnakeSeal Details

SnakeSeal was developed to adhere to all types of surfaces, providing excellent sealing properties and abrasion resistance.

  • Very low VOCs
  • Water based coating
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Fast drying time
  • Requires little preparation
  • Easy and fast application
  • Contains over 25% recycled content (post-industrial glass)
  • Qualifies for points toward LEED certification
  • Formulated without APE or APEO

For all types of buildings


How is SnakeSeal applied?2023-04-10T07:53:17-04:00

The best method for applying SnakeSeal is with an airless paint pump. This method provides fast coverage for large areas and allows for adequate coverage of irregular surfaces such as polyurethane foam insulation.

Can I apply SnakeSeal to vertical surfaces?2023-04-10T07:52:54-04:00

SnakeSeal is easily applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces, angled walls and ceilings. SnakeSeal can be applied up to 30 mils wet in a single coat with no run-off.

Can SnakeSeal protect floors?2023-04-10T07:52:33-04:00

SnakeSeal is an excellent product for covering floor surfaces in the agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. SnakeSeal has excellent adhesion to most substrates and very good abrasion resistance, as well as being easy to clean and providing waterproof protection.

Can SnakeSeal be used as a vapor barrier?2023-04-10T07:52:15-04:00

SnakeSeal is an excellent vapour retarder that replaces polyethylene sheeting and roll membranes in many applications. It can be used as a waterproofing membrane in kitchens and bathrooms, or as a vapour barrier on building envelopes and polyurethane foam insulation.

Is SnakeSeal an exterior product?2023-04-10T07:51:59-04:00

SnakeSeal provides limited UV resistance. It can be applied to the exterior building envelope prior to coating but should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight. SnakeSeal may also be used on roofs if subsequently covered.

Does SnakeSeal require any surface preparation?2023-04-10T07:51:31-04:00

SnakeSeal adheres well to most surfaces and materials, such as wood, concrete, metals and plastics. SnakeSeal does not require any special surface preparation and does not require the use of a primer. However, surfaces to be coated must be clean and dry to maximize the quality of the results.



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